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restaurant checklits

restaurant checklits
Management by Checklist

Why Have Restaurant Checklist

Checklist help manage restaurant better. But why have checklist. A restaurant checklist is tool for control. It helps maintain your restaurant standard. Creates a better work environment. Clarifies responsibility for your team. Enable a better work culture where everyone knows their job and aligns restaurant goals, customer goals with employee tasks. Empowers employees to remove sporadic problems. Enables the restaurant operator to understand the operations in detail with measurable results.  Checklist can be paper based or digital but is the simplest tool you can have to manage your restaurant. Restaurant Checklist can be used everywhere and help manage restaurant better. It can be used to check the toilets are clean. Can be used to see the restaurant is ready for service. Can be used to check if prep is done.

Restaurant Checklist is a tool for control

So first what and why of control? In your restaurant you hopefully have worked very hard to establish standards. You have thought out how everything needs to run. Now you need to make sure that things run the same way you thought of. You need to control the outcome. You need a tool!

A control is just a tool. You need a tool to meet your standard. Checklist is one such tool which help you meet your standard everyday.

And there is more!

Checklist Helps To Maintain Progress

A checklist is a manifestation of your standard. Not only it tells some one what to do, it also help to record the non fulfillment of requirements. So when you have found a problem and have recorded it and have then acted upon it. The change gets embedded in your company. In a sense you capture or maintains your gains. Lets take an example, your check of kitchen hygiene shows that mincer is dirty. You get it cleaned. Add it to the checklist and then sure enough because it get checked you have managed to keep your gains.

And if you don’t. Well quite likely it will comeback.

Understand & Promote Analysis Using Checklists

As a restaurant operator you state averages but customer experience variation.

Variation in experience for customer in food, service, hygiene , quality of drink  can bring the business down. On an average food is piping hot but  the customer who experienced variation from this standard will loose faith in your restaurant. You can manage your kitchen using a checklist.

A checklist help manage restaurant by  creating a system helping you to understand and correct what goes wrong in your operations. It will help you to preempt mistakes. It will enable you the operator, to make a macro view of consistent errors and perhaps take a deep dive to correct it.

Checklist Help Manage Restaurant As It Clarifies Responsibilities

Every person on your team has a job. The job gets done  by the restaurant checklist. The job gets verified for completeness by reviewing the checklist. The checklist helps to manage your restaurant better as it brings about greater alignment between customer needs and employee tasks. Checklist help manage restaurant as it brings alignment .

Checklist tells everyone on the team to know what is the job to and how its to be done at the moment. It helps to delegate tasks to your team members in the restaurant. Customer wants clean toilets, someone has been told  that toilets are to be cleaned and a checklist enables the consistent cleaning of toilets.

What Gets measured Gets Done

This can be also stated what the boss see gets done. In your restaurant checklist you need to measure the non fulfillment of requirements or variance. These defects as they are measured shows you the owner or operator the state of the affairs. It shows progress or lack off.

If you fell short of juice one evening, then the first thing is to look at who is responsible  for the work. By reviewing the checklist you will see if its negligence or a whole new problem.

On the other hand, the probability that your customers gets a consistent experience  goes up.

Checklist as Means of Self Control

A checklist help manage restaurant as it makes your employee his own boss. No more supervisors upset that their junior member of their team cant get the job done. No more restaurant operator upset that the job does not get done the way he or she wants it. By enabling self control a restaurant checklist help manage your restaurant. This can work in a variety of situation- managing pest control in food truck to planning a banquet.


The employee has now the knowledge of what is suppose to be done. Breakfast set up requires these 5 things to be done. Its in the checklist.

The restaurant employee knows how he has done the job or what is missing from the job. The checklist will pinpoint clearly to him or her what is missing from the task to say that it is 100% perfect. He has the basis to ask for help. The supervisor has the basis to give the right feedback to his team member about task. The employee can use the checklist  help manage restaurant.

The checklist enables the restaurant employee to be Mr Fix It. The checklist enables the employee to regulate his own conduct. He or she will have the capacity to correct the work or process at hand. example glasses are missing- then indent it.

Checklist as a Tool For Developing a Quality Culture

Management by checklist enables the participation of everyone on the team. Everyone knows the job, how its to be done, how to fix it, what standards to achieve. This makes a great place to work. A great restaurant where things just work. Always a consistent experience for customers.

Culture is the way we do things.

In a quality culture, we do things which enable a better and consistent experience for a guest. Checklist help you achieve a culture of quality.

Sporadic Problems Versus Big Change or Improvement

The checklist is a control tool. As it helps to maintain standards. It helps to identify sporadic problems and enables the restaurant employee to remove the problem.

So the checklist in a sense helps to maintain status quo. There is no big change.

Checklist are not a  tool for bringing about change or improvement in your restaurant system. An improvement suggests a change in status quo. It demands a deep dive in the procedure or issue to come up with a new standard.

Whether you are a startup or a running restaurant- checklist are your go to tool to manage chaos. Its the essential system.

Mango Kurry kitchen and restaurant consultant can help you develop system which will enable you to manage your restaurant.

About the author 

Sartaj S Bedi

With 20-year restaurant industry expertise, offering insights and expertise in strategy, operations, and quality. He employs a holistic approach to guide clients towards strategic success.

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