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Restaurant Setup Consultant: We Build Restaurant Business

Many aspiring restaurant owners share a common dream to start a restaurant, but often lack the industry experience to turn it into a reality. With Mango Kurry's Restaurant Startup Consulting Services, you will start a restaurant with a reliable business model and all the essential tools needed to flourish as a successful restaurant owner. Let us help you bring your restaurant dreams to life.

Start A Restaurant Without Stress

You will be hand held step by step so that you can skip mistakes and obstacles made by novice.

Get Reliable Business Model

Know your numbers. Know exactly what it will take to win.

Get Tools & Systems

Be equipped with know-how to professionally operate a food and beverage business.

Serve Craveable Food

Serve food that your customers will love.

Do you want to start a restaurant on budget, have the know-how to run and operate a restaurant, and be a prosperous owner of a successful restaurant?
Our done for you restaurant setup consultation will ensure that you don't have to struggle with :
  • Being concerned with having no food and beverage experience.
  • Trying to figure out how to get the project implemented with no time to plan how to run the operations.
  • Worrying about- funding, quality of food, staffing
  • Risk being a worn out entrepreneur

We believe with the right framework everyone can realize their dreams

Here's what you will achieve

Get Done For You Restaurant Consultation

The Restaurant Start-up Consultation makes it easy for you to quickly and easily start your restaurant with food, design, system and proven business model even if you have never worked in a restaurant.

Easily Start Your Restaurant

We build from scratch. Your restaurant is your way.
We will work with you to articulate your vision. Get a restaurant that you are proud of.

Starting a restaurant can be quite an undertaking. However, with our consultancy we do all the heavy lifting and save you from the pitfalls a novice.

You will be hand held step by step by a veteran consultant so that you can skip mistakes and obstacles made by other restaurant owners.

  • Effortless Restaurant Launch
  • Vision Realized
  • Guided, Error-Free Journey
  • Unlock Revenue Potential
  • De-Risked Business
  • Data-Driven Decision

Tap into the 5 Rivers of Gold in every restaurant opportunity.

We will explore ways to increase revenue potential so that your restaurant business derisked. 

You will be able to do this because you will know your numbers and not left to figment of anyones imagination.

Serve Craveable Meal

We will do the research to know what the market wants and what the competitive landscape. You will understand custmer and give them what they want. You will serve not just a delightful meal but a meal experience which is backed by system ensuring that at the food tastes the same every day.

You will be supported by a kitchen team and service team who will be trained on a system to make the same food, same way, every day.

You will have the infrastructure to make sure that you are food production is not bogged down because of bad design. 

You will have documentation to ensure that your staff are well trained. 

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • Operational Expertise
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Business Confidence

have the know how to run and operate a restaurant

You will have the tools and systems to run your food and beverage business. This will give you freedom as you will not be dependent on anyone or any staff to see you through.

With our restaurant success system you will be confident to run the business yourself.

You will Be A Pro Restaurant Operator

You will have operation strategy which will help you to work with least amount of resources.

You will be proud that now you have a restaurant that you can call your own because it been built on the back research and thoughtful purpose.

You will be playing the restaurant game because you will have all the tools. 

Instead for firefighting you will resolve systemic challnges.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Hi, I'm Sartaj S Bedi Your

Restaurant Consultant

I help aspiring restaurant owner achieve their goal of starting a restaurant business.

I understand how challenging it is for an aspiring restaurant owner to step into a new industry. I have been in your shoes trying to figure out a way to reliably build and operate restaurants.

I have planned, evaluated and worked on almost every aspect of restaurant business.
I know starting a restaurant is hard but running is even harder. With our process driven approach developed over 25 years you will have not just have a restaurant but reliable business model, craveable food and tools and systems to run.

I have the domian expertise to guide you to achieve your goals.

Step 1

Schedule An Appointment

Step 2

Get on A Discovery Call

Step 3

Sign off on Proposal

 Next Steps 

Here's How To Get Started

This how we can work together.

  1. The first step is to fill a form or call-in to book an appointment.
  2. We will then schedule a discovery call to understand your project requirements. 
  3. You will then be given a customised proposal for your project. On your approval we will begin implementing the project.

 This is what you get with 

Done-For-You Restaurant Startup Consultation

You wil be handheld every step of the way from start-to-finish. You will get not just a food and beverage outlet but also tools and sytems to run your operations.

  • Get understanding your customers with our methodology and give them what they want. You will get a brand identity to match your offering with your customers needs.
  • Get a project report on feasibility of the restaurant which means you will know what it takes to start, run and prevent undercapitalisation.
  • Save money in your project by knowing where to reduce expenditure.
  • Manage your overheads by setting advance criteria of knowing how much to pay .
  • Get help with staffing of your restaurant operation.
  • Get your staff trained and have system in place for retraining.
  • Operation strategy which means how to work with least amount of resources so you have invisible competitive advantage.
  • Plan for profit by using our pricing formula. Get a pricing strategy to enable you to plan for profits.
  • Get menu curated specially for you. Serve a craveable food in-line with your concept.Serve food your customer will love.
  • Get recipe documentation which means you will know how much each dish will cost, you will never depend on your staff 
  • Get system documentation for your operations which means that you will know how to run your operations.
  • Get kitchen design which means your kitchen can work efficient , be fast, work with least amount of people.
  • Be 3 steps ahead of your vendors. Our budgeting and planning will guide you on how to negotiate with third-party vendors.
  • Get your pre-opening plan which means you have a step by step plan to ensure the implementation of your idea

Start Your Restaurant now

Book an appointment and lets get on a call to discuss your restaurant project now