Achieve Prosperity: Start, Run, Improve, Grow Your Restaurant

Get Ahead with Restaurant Consulting: Your Success Partner

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Get Restaurant Project Cost

Get assistance in project feasibility and how to make money from it.

Start New Food & Beverage Concepts

Be handheld to plan and implement new food and beverage concepts

Fix Your Operations

Get assistance to raise the efficiency of your operations and improve the profitability

The Path to Prosperity

Aspiring restaurant owners & restaurant owners need the expertise or objective perspective to solve the problem faster than they can on their own. With Mango Kurry restaurant consultation, you will stop daily firefighting and be a prosperous owner on a path of growth.

 Get help so that

Empower Your Restaurant Journey: Get the Expertise You Need

Succeeding in the restaurant industry can often feel like navigating uncharted territory.

Get help so that.....
You get the the expertise to solve problem faster

You are not on your own, trying to google your way to success

You do not feel isolated and overwhelmed as things slowing down and moving you away from your goals

You do not resign yourself to be limited as owner-employee - doing all the work.

You do not get stuck on technical food and beverage know-how, inexperience..... unable to achieve your dreams

We Believe Everyone Should Be Able To Craft Their Own Future

The Path to Your Restaurant Success

Here is how Mango Kurry will help you.

At Mango Kurry we will enable your success by supporting you to achieve your goals and raising your organisational capability. Whether you are looking to invest in food and beverage business, or start a new venture or you want to improve your existing operations or turn around loss making units- our process driven restaurant consultancy approach will empower you.  Here's how:


Be handheld till we achieve your goals of starting, running or improving your food & beverage business.

build a brand

You will spend your time building a brand as you will have a framework to manage your restaurant business

Process Driven

You will feel empowered with our process-driven approach.

Speedy Service

Get fast insightful service with all questions answered and problems solved.

Prosperity Path

You will be a prosperous owner on a path of growth.


I'm Sartaj S Bedi

I am a food service consultant and I have been in your shoes and have faced your challenges.

When it comes to starting a restaurant or growing a food business or turnaround their F&B business, most entrepreneurs get stuck at a certain point as they don't know what to do or how to fix food and beverage business.

 I will help you at your stage of restaurant journey and implement proven systems and methodology.

This will give you a better know-how and put you on path to achieve your restaurant dreams with a reliable, predictable food and beverage business

Bringing 20 years of diverse hospitality expertise, I offer a seasoned perspective.

As your consultant, I'm committed to helping you achieve your culinary dreams with proven authority.

 Step Ny Step 

How to Get Consultation?


Book a consultation.


Discuss your challenges.


Collaborate for success.

Mango Kurry

Restaurant Consulting Services

Mango Kurry, food service consultants, offers customised consulting services to restaurant investoraspiring restaurant owners and restaurant owners. In our restaurant consultancy we can help you:-

  1. 1
    Start your your food & beverage venture
  2. 2
    Help you Run your operations better
  3. 3
    Improve and fix your operations
  4. 4
    Help you grow your restaurant business

Financial Planning Consultation

Enables restaurant investor evaluate their restaurant business opportunity.

Aspiring restaurant investor want to evaluate the feasibility of their restaurant project. With restaurant business planning consultation we give you a road map to make money from your restaurant venture.

Restaurant Setup Consultation

We enable entrepreneurs to quickly start their restaurant with food, design, system and proven business model

Kitchen Design Consultation

Commercial kitchen design consultation enables restaurant owner get a productive kitchen system. 

Aspring & Existing Restaurant Owners need kitchen for a food and beverage enterprise but fall prey to bad design which slow down a kitchen and eats into profits. With our commercial kitchen design consultation entrepreneurs get not just a kitchen design but a kitchen that gives you a hidden competitive advantage for your business.

Menu Planning & Development Consultation

Our menu consultation enables owners experience craveable and profitable menu.

Success System Development Consultation

Enables restaurant owners experience rising profits with documented systems. 

Run your restaurant better with restaurant systems. We can help to deploy restaurant systems in your outlet.  

Profit Revitaliser Consultation

We enable entrepreneurs to quickly get their business on track.

Restaurant owners are overwhelmed when faced with profitability challenges. With Profit Revitalizer Consulting Service, we evaluate the business and systematically raise the profitability of food and beverage establishments.

Food Cost Control Consultation

Restaurant owners experience reduction in food cost

Optimize your restaurant's performance with Mango Kurry Restaurant Consultancy

At Mango Kurry, we understand whether you are a restaurant investor, or first time owner starting your first venture or veteran restaurant owner.

You share the same dream.

You desire to become a thriving food & beverage entrepreneur, creating a successful restaurant brand and ensuring its growth.

You may just be with starting your venture or managing a food and beverage business. Either way, restaurant business often presents new and unforeseen challenges.

As a startup, investor, owner, operator you may find yourself in need of expertise and an objective perspective to resolve these challenges swiftly, ensuring you don't lose momentum.

Without timely solutions, feelings of isolation and overwhelm can set in as you drift away from your goals.  

We firmly believe that every entrepreneur should get the restaurant consultancy they need to be able to craft their own future.

Mango Kurry we are restaurant consultants in India and serve India and international markets. On the back of 20 years of diverse hospitality expertise, we've consulted startup, investors, operators & restaurant owners in overcoming challenges at each stage of their journey through our specialized consultation services.

Here's how we do it:

1. Book a consultation.
2. Discuss your specific challenges.
3. Let's collaborate on finding solutions.

Mango Kurry will help you shift from day-to-day firefighting to addressing systemic issues, setting you on the path to becoming a prosperous owners