Restaurant Business Plan Consultant 

Aspiring restaurant investor want to evaluate the feasibility of their restaurant project. With restaurant business planning consultation we give you a road map to make money from your restaurant venture.

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Get Investment Clarity

You will know exactly how much the restaurant will cost and where and how money will be spent a

Get Startup Roadmap..

Start a successful restaurant with a roadmap to get your restaurant venture off the ground.

Get Profit projection..

Discover how much money you will take home from your restaurant business

So that you can steer clear of ...

Entrepreneurs bias for success &

  • You don’t  risk fuzzy estimates about project cost & run the risk of undercapitalisation
  •  Being anxious, wondering if  you are on the right track in your fnb business venture.
  • Neither do you want tio spend time double checking every decision. You will be pinching pennies trying to conserve capital instead of making strategic purchases.
  •  Even if you get your project off the ground, without a path to sucess, you will be ill-prepared to take on the frenzy of day to day operations.
  • Financial Uncertainty
  • Directional Anxiety
  • Indecision
  • Operational Challenges

restaurant Business Plans

Easily Start A Successful Restaurant

We believe investors must not lose money due to poorly conceived business models

What You'll Get During this

Restaurant Business Plan Consultation

The Financial Planning Consultation service makes it easy for you to get a documented path knowing exactly where and how money will be spent and earned without being blindsided by others limited know how.

  • Answers the question "How much the restaurant will cost know exactly where and how money will be spent and earned" once and for all.
  •  Exactly what you need to validate business model and quickly do due diligence every time.
  • Gives you the keys to be confident in starting your restaurant venture on budget and in time without the headache.
  •  Understand exactly how to verify business assumptions made by your partners make sure his restaurant investment is successful now... not later.
  • STOP being blindsided by others limited know how and get results.
  • Gives you real world insight into answering the question "What is the roadmap to get restaurant venture off the ground.
  • earn How To Solve The Money Math For Restaurant Business Once And For All.
  • Financial Clarity
  • Business Model Validation
  • Budget Confidence
  • Assumption Assurance
  • Expert Insight
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Money Math

Business Plan

Restaurant Business Plan Consultant

Why work with Mango Kurry

  • Overcoming Bias
  • Investment Verification
  • Diverse Expertise
  • Practical Application
  • Success Through Planning

At Mango Kurry, we know that as a diligent restaurant investor you want to overcome your own bias for success & fuzzy estimates of well wishers with their .

I have been in your shoes and understand the need to verify investment needed and assumption made for the restaurant. Your success is my priority, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

As a restaurant business plan consultant, with 20 years experience, I have had the opportunity to prepare and evaluate different food formats ranging form cloud kitchen, to dine in restaurant, to bars, food trucks and cafeterias.

 I have not just planned restaurants but also used the insights to build and operate restaurants.

Restaurant business plans are the critical first step for your sucess. 

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Our Packages Options


Suitable for investor who want to quickly evaluate the project. 


Basic + Menu & Kitchen Design. Suitable for operators who want to gain deeper insights.


Pro + recipe documentaion. For operators who want throughly planning & evaluation of their operation

Now Here Is How We Will Get Started.....

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Restaurant Business Plan


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Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Restaurant Business Planning Consultation" Report

If you, the Restaurant investor, wants to be confident in starting your restaurant venture on budget and in time, pursue your restaurant's financial objectives with purpose., and get clarity on your business model in as little as 30 days... then Restaurant Business Planning Consultation is definitely for you.

How To Know Where Money Will Be Spent Without Going Broke
  • This report makes it easy for you to get estimation of all cost and where it will be spent
  • Make realistic tradeoffs to match your needs.
  • Ensure you have enough money for your project
Weekly Battle Plan For Survival
  • This report makes it a snap to get key performance indicators and revenue targets broken down.
  • Plan your operations and marketing efforts.
  • Precisely direct efforts to overcome performance gaps.
Maximise Restaurant Profits With Menu Model
  • This menu model gives you the secret to define menu prices for food and beverage items.
  • Maximise profit covering your costs and demand.
  • Quickly and easily reach financial goals without loosing money on every transaction.
Operational Insights for Achieving Financial Goals
  • This methodology holds the keys for you to get an estimate of how much food and beverage you need to sell.
  • Get a operational benchmark to achieve your financial goals..
  • Have a clear sense of direction
Unlocking Conversion Ratio Secrets
  • This metric holds the key to obtaining an estimate of average spending—a crucial measurement to track.
  • Easily evaluate your pricing strategy.
  • Easily make course correction and know exactly where changes need to be made.
Streamlined Reporting for KPI Insights and Financial Mastery
  • This specialist report format makes it easy to allow restaurants operators identify key performance indicators  .
  • Just with a glance operators can understand financial performance and spot variances .
  • Stop banging your head when thing go south as you will SPOT mistakes.
Inside The Restaurant Investors System -Earning Unveiled
  • This revenue forecast makes it a easy for you to get an educated estimate about how much money your restaurant business will bring in in the upcoming year.
  • Convince yourself, investors and partners that your business is a smart lucrative investment.
  • Stop guessing and pursue your goals with clarity of mind.
Profit & Loss Statement -The Restaurant Investors's Path To Earn Profit
  • This report is your key to get a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred over a period.
  • Know how much money you will earn and where you will spend.
  • Guide performance of everyone on the team.
Breakeven Cheatsheet
  • This opportunity checklist holds the keys for you to get threshold level of performance needed where your restaurant will cover all expenses.
  • Get insight what units sold your business will get profitable.
  • STOP worrying about what it takes to mke this restaurant venture succeed..
Smart Kitchen Equipment Selection
  • This list makes it easy to get early estimates of what equipment is needed, at what price and from whom.
  • Make tradeoffs to choose best combination of kitchen equipment and vendors
  • Save money on your project before it starts.
Kitchen Design Prototype
  • This Bonus is the secret for you to visualise how your kitchen will look and where equipment will be placed.
  • Accurately plan desired capacity for your business.
  • Get started quickly without second guessing yourself .
Professional Documentation & Precosting Recipe
  • This report makes it easy to estimate what is the cost of production and selling price of each menu item
  • Engineer the aggregate impact of your pricing strategy on your average spends and cost of good.
  • Get a high degree of certainty in the pursuit of your financial goals

Unlock Your Restaurant Investment Success with Mango Kurry

At Mango Kurry, we understand your aspiration to become a successful restaurant owner-investor.

To achieve this dream, it's crucial to assess the feasibility of your restaurant project. The challenge lies in determining the project's cost and evaluating the soundness of your investment idea, which can lead to anxiety about the project's viability.

We firmly believe that investing in a restaurant, especially for dedicated restaurant investors like yourself, should be a straightforward process.

It should revolve around well-thought-out business models that serve as a protective shield for your investments.

Recognizing your diligence as a restaurant investor, we understand your desire to avoid the pitfalls of relying on well-wishers' vague estimates for success. That's why we've meticulously developed a proven methodology that empowers you to plan and manage your restaurants more effectively.

Here's a glimpse of how our process works:
1. Schedule an appointment with us.
2. Engage in a discovery call to discuss your unique needs.
3. Review and approve our proposal.

So, take the first step by booking an appointment with us.

So you can mitigate the risk of undercapitalization and instead embark on your restaurant venture with confidence, knowing it will stay on budget and launch on schedule, a have road map to make money from your restaurant venture, free from unnecessary challenges.