Commercial Kitchen Design Consultant  

Kitchen Design Consultant :How To Get A Hidden Advantage With Well Designed Kitchen Operations For Less 

We are commercial kitchen design consultants who serve food and beverage entrepreneurs to build a perfect kitchen for their enterprise.

Get kitchen design To Right Capacity

You get a kitchen designed for optimal functionality by experienced kitchen consultants.

get Quality Vendors

You secure reliable vendors for top-quality kitchen equipment.

get Product Price Estimates

Enable yourself to make informed choices for successful project

Kitchen Setup Simplified with a Expert Kitchen Consultant

Are you a food and beverage operator striving to build the perfect kitchen for your enterprise?

Are you an aspiring food and beverage owner in the market for kitchen setup?
Are you wondering how to get a well designed kitchen, commercial kitchen equipment with good kitchen operations within your budget?
Are you overwhelmed by lack of experience and too many choices for commercial kitchen equipment?

Imagine easily securing kitchen design, quality equipment vendors, and accurate cost estimates. This means a streamlined, scalable kitchen operation with maximum efficiency – an incredible opportunity!

Kitchen Consultant Helps You to ...

  • Simplify Choices
  • Optimize Budget
  • Empower Decisions
  • Transform Kitchens

Stop Chaos, Boost Profits: Smart Kitchen Design Solutions

So that you can steer clear of bad Commercial kitchen design slowing down your operations and devouring your profits...

  • You don’t want a kitchen where orders are stuck and food refuses to come out.
  •  Or wastage of manpower in kitchen where staff are running about and they seem stressed.
  • Neither do you want a kitchen which just needs too many cooks to operate.
  •  More staff means more labour cost.
  •  You neither want food service equipment with no regard to energy consumption.
  • Order Backlogs
  • Employee Overwhelm
  • Labor Cost Increase
  • Energy Bill Oversights

Commercial Kitchen Consultant

Unveiling the Hidden Business Advantage

We believe Good Kitchen design & systems matter as this will easily give you a hidden Competitive advantage to your Restaurant business.

What You’ll Get During This  

Commercial Kitchen Design Consultation Service

The Kitchen Design Consultation service makes it easy for you to get a productive. employee- friendly kitchen within your budget and time frame without being overwhelmed trying to figure out how to put your kitchen project together.

  • As your kitchen consultant you will have kitchen built out to your specs and within your budget which means your operation will not be undercapitalised.
  • Your kitchen will be tailormade to your menu ensuring the food comes out easily which means your business will reach its full potential.
  • Your commercial kitchen project will have design which will reconcile your budgets and operations. 
  • Your entire project requirements all together- align concept, menu, budget and resources. This alone is critical to your future success.
  • You will have kitchen equipment vendors manufacturer to choose from so that you get the best possible deal.
  • We believe, as experienced kitchen consultant service providers that you will feel empowered by increased productivity and speed of your staff - all thanks to a well planned kitchen.
  • Because you have a kitchen that works, you will have time to focus on other matters of restaurant business without being bogged down by a kitchen.
  • With our commercial kitchen setup services you will be a pro-food operator set on a glide path to success.

Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen Design Consultant

Why work with us

At Mango Kurry, we're not just commercial kitchen designers; we're battle-hardened entrepreneurs with industry expertise who've walked the path you're on now. We grasp the pivotal role of kitchen design in your food and beverage venture's triumph.

Whether you're launching a new endeavor like resort kitchen  or fine-tuning kitchen remodel of an existing restaurant kitchen, we stand ready to be your unwavering compass.

We can as cloud kitchen designer, design a frugal cloud kitchen or a limited service hostel kitchen or special needs hospital kitchen.

We understand your struggles because we've weathered them ourselves. We recognize, with our experience in kitchen designing, firsthand the game-changing potential of a thoughtfully designed kitchen.

With a wealth of experience in kitchen operation, improvement, and design, we, the restaurant kitchen designers, are the seasoned experts you can rely on to revolutionize your culinary space into a profit-generating powerhouse.

Your kitchen planning consultants have not only operated kitchens; we've optimized them, we've innovated them, and we've made them the heart of successful businesses. 

We look forward to be your commercial kitchen planning consultants.

Now here is how we will help you save time & achieve your goals with.....

Our Proven Commercial Kitchen Design & Planning Process


Plan Your Operation

We'll work with you to understand your food service concepts, your goals, menu, and production requirements. This crucial step sets the foundation for success of your kitchen design solutions.


Create a Prototype

Our expert, commercial kitchen planners, will craft a customised kitchen planning solution tailored kitchen design prototype that aligns with your concept, menu, and budget. This blueprint ensures your kitchen operates seamlessly.


Implement  Design

From equipment selection to layout optimization to tendering of contracts, our commercial kitchen design service will assist you every step of the way, ensuring your new kitchen design becomes a reality.

Our Commitment to Your Success

As your kitchen consultant service provider, we offer a range of service and can help design any type of kitchen ranging from restaurant kitchen to kitchen for hotels and resort kitchens. 

We can help design large production bulk kitchen like banquet kitchen, base kitchen for cloud kitchen or commissary or industrial base kitchen for caterer. 

We can design special needs kitchen like hospital kitchen and bakeries. We also work with small formats for cloud kitchen design and food truck.

Commercial Kitchen Project planning includes setting up various components such as

bakery and confectionery unit, 


hot and bulk kitchen area, 


cold storage,

cold kitchen area,

service bars,

dishwashing area,

and other service engagements


Through our tailored commercial kitchen planning consultation, you can expect: 

  • A discovery call to establish clear project goals for kitchen consultancy service.
  • Food service planning to ensure menu and sales goal analysis to match your kitchen plan to your production needs.
  • Cost estimation and guidance on kitchen equipment selection.
  • Kitchen space evaluation for maximum utilization and efficiency.
  • Menu and kitchen layout alignment to boost Chef & Kitchen staff productivity.
  • Assistance in finding the perfect vendors for your kitchen project
  • Kitchen Equipment capacity sizing for current and future demands.
  • Design reviews to ensure alignment with your organization's objectives.

Commercial Kitchen Planning & Execution Consultancy that Drives Business Success 

Aspiring & Existing Restaurant Owners need kitchen for a food and beverage enterprise but fall prey to bad design which slow down a kitchen and eats into profits. With our commercial kitchen design consultation entrepreneurs get not just a kitchen design but a kitchen that gives you a hidden competitive advantage for your business.

Get Commercial Kitchen Planning & Design Consultation now

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