Father’s Day Promotion | How to create an Event


Fathers Day Promotion

Fathers Day Promotion

Father’s Day Promotion

Father’s Day is another opportunity for a restaurant to renew their relationship with their customers. Its an opportunity to highlight your offerings

Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion 

Father’s Day is celebrated in 3rd Sunday of June. The event is not as popular as Mother’s Day but offers an opportunity to restaurants to renew their relationships with their customers. It allows the restaurant to be a part of the larger conversations.

So what can a restaurant do? 

Here a restaurant can do a promotion above the line, below the line or go sideways.

Below the line 

This refers to providing a promotion which tells the customers buy this because it is cheaper. It also involves give away to show case a menu item or saying a thank you.

Typical examples would look like this

1. Father’s Day: Fathers Eats free.

2. Free appetiser for all Dad.

3. Free menu item X for all dads.

4. Coupon for Dad with X value and valid from this (time range) for one week.


Above Line

These programs are aimed to wow customer by providing a better experience and enticing the customers to upgrade. This is based on the belief that on events like these family tend to step up the plate to higher levels of experience and not seek cheaper ones. The best deal is a wow experiential deal.

Some things you can do

3 course lunch with exotic ingredients with Champagne.

Sunday Family Picnic with  a 4 course meal at your restaurant.

Fathers Day Brunch price it a little higher.

fathers Day Beer and BBQ.

Dedicate a cocktail for Dad. Create your cocktail for dad, name it , record it.

Train Dad to cook. Dad gets a free cooking session.

Train Dad to cook. Dad gets to make a dish for you.




This refers to accentuate your existing programs. In a sense you are offering a food or beverage promotion but something in experiential  value or give away as a result of a transaction

Gift Dad a X value gift card to redeem later

Join our mailing list

Join our fan club

Join our rewards program.

Gift your dad contest.


Some experiential parts that can be a part of your celebrations are

Games for dads


Postcard for Dad

I love my Dad contest

Paint my dad contest

Memento for dad


Father’s Day is a great day which has an emotional connect for many and a restaurant can be part of it. Father’s Day unlike Mother’s Day need not be serious. In fact humor would go very well with such an event.

In your marketing program are

are you part of the larger conversation

are you renewing your relationship

are your offers transactional

are your offer upsell

are you accentuating your existing programs

are you making the meal experience fun

Are you wowing your guests.


Do let us know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback.

To your success.

About the author 

Sartaj S Bedi

With 20-year restaurant industry expertise, offering insights and expertise in strategy, operations, and quality. He employs a holistic approach to guide clients towards strategic success.

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